Graham Nelson

Graham Nelson is the designer of the Inform programming language.

A radical reinvention of the tool-chain needed to make interactive fiction, Inform breaks away from C- or LISP-like languages in favour of natural language, and has for the last decade been the widest-used system of its kind in the world. Though devised for interactive story-telling, Inform has also been used in education, theoretical architecture and a surprising range of other fields. Graham first came to know Richard Evans, the creator of Versu’s logic engine, when Richard was Senior AI Engineer on The Sims 3, and using Inform as a prototyping tool.

As part of the Versu project, Graham is the designer of Prompter, a flexible tool which leverages the power of the Versu engine to create rich narrative stories based on dialogue and scenes.

Based at the University of Oxford, where he is a Fellow of St Anne’s College, Graham has published in the fields of computer science, pure mathematics, literary criticism and poetry. In recognition of his work as a scholarly editor, he is an honorary life member of the Modern Humanities Research Association.

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