Blood & Laurels

Cults. Conspiracies. Poison. Stabbing. Blackmail. Seduction. Prophecies and rumors. Divine wrath — or possibly just bad weather. It’s the eight hundred and twenty first year of the city of Rome, a year of bad omens and unrest. The Emperor is bloodthirsty and watches keenly for anyone who might be trying to overthrow him. The grain dole is running out and the people are going hungry. Romans are beginning to put their faith in foreign cults, as their old gods seem indifferent. In this dangerous environment, Marcus is concerned with two things: his… Read More

Bramble House

On the Weir between Worlds lies Bramble House, a magical inn where guests of every ilk can find warm rooms and good company. Bramble House is the only home that fifteen-year-old Penny has ever known. Penny is bound in service to the witch Stregma, forced to deal with everything from mundane dishwashing to evicting monstrous guests. In this Versu story, you play as Penny in a story where characters come alive and respond to your choices. Solve curses, investigate your mysterious past and possibly find true love! — Two stories in the… Read More